• How did it  all start?
    We started Dr.Cook with a simple mission in mind, to bring a healthier diet to our loved companions. Unfortunately, everyday our lives tend to get busier and even if we have the best intents of providing our pets with the diet they deserve, we often choose a more convenient alternative that will save us extra time.

    However, this  often results in  a meal that may be unhealthy for our pets. For this reason, we rolled up our sleeves and decided  to find a healthier and more convenient solution.That is how Dr.Cook came to life.We solved the “convenience” problem for our customers by packaging all our foods in plastic containers for a one-time use. This provides two advantages, firstly our pets can be fed directly from our packaging and secondly, it allows our customers to have a choice on the method of defrosting before serving.Either by leaving the meal in the fridge for a slow defrost overnight or microwaving it for 5 minutes.We solved the health problem, by using multiple ingredients which, all, provide different benefits for our companions. We only use local  meats and vegetables, reducing our carbon footprint and insuring that we always get the freshest ingredients.

    Who is Dr.Cook, what does it actually mean ?
    We want Dr.Cook to stand for an  innovative, green and socially responsible company.
    “Dr.”  stands as an homage to the professional doctors and vets that took part in developing our formulas.
    “Cook” stands for the fact that we only use  high quality foods in our products, the same as you would find in any gourmet restaurant.

    What is next?
    With the undeniable climate changes and all the micro-plastics that have been found in the depths of our oceans, we are ready to take a step forward and fight for our planet.
    Dr.Cook’s team has planned new innovative methods that will reduce drastically our carbon footprint and make a better use of our natural resources.

    By the end of 2021:
    – We will review all our internal processes to make sure that we reduce waste to a minimum.
    – We will review all our suppliers, and their transport routes to guarantee the fastest and more eco-efficient delivery routes, in order to offset as much greenhouse gas as possible.

    By the end of 2022:
    – We will ban all use of non-eco packages. 
    – We will transition from plastic packages to bio-degradable.
    – All new vehicles purchased for deliveries will be EV.

    We have already started testing packages from different suppliers that are 100% of natural materials that are biodegradable and compostable.

    By the end of 2023:
    Dr.Cook will only use packages from natural materials that are biodegradable to up to 30 days !   

    What will the results be? 

    By 2024 we hope to have achieved our goal and use 0% plastic, and  to have reduced our carbon footprint to up to 80%

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